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Online Canton Fair Live Tutorial: What preparations should exhibitors do before the broadcast?

Online Canton Fair Live Tutorial: What preparations should exhibitors do before the broadcast?


. Basic preparations before starting broadcasting

1. Familiar with live broadcast tools, all merchants participating in the Canton Fair must download the corresponding tools as soon as possible, such as Tencent Cloud, Tencent Meeting, Translator and other software and be familiar with the use of live broadcast background operations in order to be in a panic while live .

2. Equipment preparation for live broadcast facilities, including 2 high-definition cameras, 2 mobile phones, 2 fill lights, 1 computer, mobile phone bracket, prompt board, microphone, broadband and other equipment.

3. Live broadcast venues and sets. A good set can bring positive visual experience to the audience. The clean, generous and personalized layout can bring confidence to the anchor and add points to the overall live broadcast effect.

Live set-you can use simple and comfortable, for example, the background is mainly white, and your brand logo or company or product is highlighted at the back, or you can use a dynamic background;Live broadcast venue-to be slightly more spacious, if conditions permit, the live broadcast room is at least about 10-20 square meters, to ensure the range of activities of the anchor;

Lighting set-up-lighting needs to be arranged in three directions: both sides, front and top, to ensure that the light is bright;

Live broadcast environment-Try to ensure that the environment is quiet and noisy, and the sound collection effect is good. If necessary, you can use the microphone to live broadcast.

Live broadcast staffing: anchor + auxiliary broadcast, customer service, field control, salesman, etc., prepare multiple live broadcast teams for shifts.

Host + sub-broadcast

Anchor-mainly responsible for product display + explanation, English level should be high, familiar with company, enterprise, product;

Sub-broadcasting-you can choose a person who is familiar with the product as an explanation to assist the anchor to explain the product and the company.

Customer service

Responsible for summarizing product information, including data query, price calculation, etc. The information is passed back to the anchor to answer customer questions

Field control

Responsible for on-site arrangement, as well as assisting emergency response situation, checking live broadcast equipment, to ensure smooth live broadcast.


Responsible for undertaking traffic consultation in the live broadcast room, as well as mobile phone foreign business questions, information, etc., and follow up sales.

. How to do live broadcasting for foreign trade enterprises

() Warm-up before public broadcasting

1. Fission more new customers, you can use a variety of channels to promote

. You can rely on the official Canton Fair's official drainage to use it as a publicity point, including crazy preheating on social media such as the official website, Facebook, YouTube, etc., using good pictures and videos to show foreign companies, products, and brands To attract more foreign investors to watch the live broadcast, obtain customer resources, and detonate the live broadcast room.

Use online digital marketing to lead your own warm-up, let the live broadcast information accurately reach the target customer group through Google search ads, display ads, YouTube ads, etc., and invite foreign investors interested in your products to come and watch your live broadcast.

2. Propaganda and warm-up of old customers

Send invitations to buyers in communication: buyers with low purchasing intention can share some industry trends, dry products, etc., and establish initial trust through professionalism; for buyers who already have a certain foundation, they can be promoted through product promotion and other methods Order.

Official live broadcast warm-up promotion

1. Five minutes before the broadcast starts, share the live broadcast information or notify new and old customers by email, SMS, etc., and let them enter the live broadcast room;

2. The opening time is consistent with the online digital marketing advertising time, and all major online foreign trade platforms directly divert into the live broadcast room for viewing.

() Preparation of live content

Foreign trade enterprises must set up scripts in advance if they want to do a good live broadcast, including: appropriate live broadcast time, customer group needs analysis, selection of appropriate products (preferably with professional qualification certification), refinement of product selling points, and the establishment of interactive display links. You can share some brand cases and seller stories to narrow the distance with buyers.

1. Live broadcast schedule: different time zones and regions can be arranged for different time periods, so that live broadcasts can be displayed for foreign businessmen in different regions;

2. Create a professional and powerful image: fully display the strength of the enterprise, brand influence, company team, etc., cooperate with multiple display methods of picture + video + 3D, and switch the screen without barriers, so that foreign investors are interested in the enterprise;

3. Determine a theme for different regions of foreign trade, and the objects are different, so give different themes for different regions, and start each live broadcast according to the theme;

4. Choose a good main product: According to different themes, choose the main product and other products, focus on explaining the main product and display the product;

5. Scenario marketing: Whether it is the main product or other product introduction, it integrates story-based scenario marketing, presents the performance and use of the product to the buyer, and arouse the buyer's interest;

6. A variety of play methods to mobilize the atmosphere of the live broadcast room: B-end live broadcast also needs to mobilize the atmosphere of the live broadcast room, such as playing small games, etc., to activate the atmosphere of the live broadcast room to avoid embarrassment;

7. Preview of the next live broadcast at the end of the live broadcast: For live broadcasts carried out in different regions, the live broadcast staff can be informed of the time of the next live broadcast after the live broadcast ends and guide customers to watch it again during the next live broadcast.

() Consultation on diversion of live broadcast

During the live broadcast process, the traffic in the live broadcast room is directed to the 1: 1 consultation service, so that the live broadcast traffic can be more effectively controlled and the final conversion can be achieved.

Situation 1: When the anchor is too busy, it is recommended to lead to the consulting end

1. When the amount of consultation is large, the anchor should learn to direct the flow of the live broadcast room to the customer service consultation end, and the customer service will collect and reply to the data;

2. The customer service staff also needs to check the consultation status in the live broadcast room, reply directly to the information terminal on the screen, and record the questions of foreign businessmen for answering questions.

Situation 2: The person in charge of the field control mobilizes the staffing of the live broadcast room and undertakes drainage consultation

1. When the popularity consultation in the live broadcast room is too large, the site control should promptly mobilize the enterprise personnel to participate in the consultation undertaking, two people cooperate, one person is responsible for collecting information, and one person is responsible for proactive contact and answering questions;

2. Collect more content for consultation, let the anchor perform unified question answering, and meanwhile, the anchor also guides to contact the customer service to transfer the consultation from the live broadcast room to the customer service side.

() Follow-up operation after live broadcast

Live broadcast is only a form of display. More products, brands and companies are displayed, and the trust of foreign businessmen is increased. Follow-up work in the later stage of live broadcast is the top priority.

1. Buyer label management, so that B-end buyers can follow up more targeted

It mainly includes following up the information collected during the live broadcast process and tagging the buyers for easy follow-up and management.

2. Strengthen the secondary communication and swipe the impression points among B-end buyers

Through Google remarketing advertising, and integrated marketing through various channels such as the official website, Facebook, YouTube, etc., we will continue to deliver corporate strength, product selling points, etc. to customers, and strengthen the intention to place orders.

3. For the buyers who have collected the information, you can use the offline sales model to convert

According to the data collected in the offline Canton Fair in the past, the salesperson should follow up in time to tap the demand and realize the transformation.

. Precautions for live broadcast of foreign trade enterprises

Several suggestions for B-side live broadcast

1. The mentality must be relaxed, and a good mentality can better display the product in the live broadcast room, showing the product effect

2. Set up a live broadcast team, and the live broadcast is handled by a dedicated person, and mobilize the staff to achieve the best results

3. Full rehearsal, each unit of the live broadcast must be fully rehearsed, first to familiarize with the content, second to ease tension, let all staff understand the process

4. The live broadcast content is divided into units, which can be divided according to the product. Each unit introduces a type of product, or it can be divided by other logic or theme to make the live broadcast neat and orderly.

5. After the live broadcast, re-examination shall be conducted to find problems and make adjustments in a timely manner.

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