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Online Rendezvous Live Tutorial : Anchor training, live room layout, infringement maintenance

Online Rendezvous Live Tutorial : Anchor training, live room layout, infringement maintenance


As of now, the offline Canton Fair has only been held for more than a month. In the face of the first experience, many foreign trade manufacturers are still panicking. So, how to plan and earn money for the 127th Online Canton Fair, the following industry observation hopes to provide some reference for everyone.

A. Online live broadcasting skills of Canton Fair

Generally speaking, it is recommended that exhibitors should quickly complete the layout of the Canton Fair online live broadcast through three general steps, including preparation, planning and resumption of the live broadcast.

1. Preparation for live broadcast

Anchor training: the source of the anchor can be an externally-experienced anchor with goods or a host with certain experience; the own anchor can be a foreign trade salesperson, foreign trade exhibitors, and employees with good oral expression; the choice of anchor You can refer to the face value type, professional type, affinity type, charm type, and CP type to attract the attention of overseas buyers at the same time; at the same time, the choice of anchors needs to follow certain basic principles, including: professionalism, cooperation, and service Concept of awareness, understanding of corporate culture, shopping guide.

The layout of the anchor room: different products require different lighting in the live room. The background pictures of the live room need to match the display style of the live room, and the corresponding background design should be selected according to the product. At the same time, the foreground layout and composition of the live room must also follow beautiful, Professional principles, it is recommended that the composition can be used in four parts; the hardware equipment of the live room: computer CPU with i7 octa-core processor / memory of at least 8, solid state drive, camera can be Logitech / SLR, lighting needs to buy light according to the environment of the live room, network Only 100M optical fiber is enough, and it is not shared with other devices. In addition, the construction of the live broadcast room also needs to consider different static and dynamic scenes, different locations, and different lighting and lens angles.

2. Live broadcast planning: The main contents covered include live broadcast selection and anchor speech.

Selection of products: The appearance of the product is more attractive, and the product appearance can be innovatively designed; it is recommended that exhibitors choose independent brands that are more competitive in the international market; product prices need to play an atmosphere in the live broadcast room to promote panic buying, induce Customers place orders to purchase; the product quality is excellent and the scientific and technological strength is strong;

Anchor speech skills: sound beautification and breath adjustment, it is recommended that the anchor adjust the best voice position to have a unique voice; need to correct the poor language habits and speaking methods of the anchor, such as mantras, country sounds, and lack of infectivity in voice; etc. Emergency handling ability of the situation; strengthen the product guide and commentary skills of the anchor, which can be assisted by body voice; guide customers in the live broadcast room to interact in real time, express gratitude to the customers who give positive comments, and clarify or explain the negative comments in the live broadcast room; and At the same time, technicians also need to test the sound field of the live broadcast room to avoid other noise during the live broadcast process; civilized and rational interactive live broadcast to avoid being banned from broadcasting.

3. Live review

The high-density live broadcasting of the online Canton Fair is a test of the physical strength and energy of the anchors and staff, but it is still recommended that companies after the round of live broadcasting, review the time in a timely manner, summarize the deficiencies and highlights of the live broadcast in order to prepare for the end Prepare for live broadcast.

Exhibitors are advised to record the start and end time of each live broadcast, the length of the live broadcast; the enquiry order situation of the drainage, special and explosion products; record the flow of people in the live broadcast room under different drainage channels, including online viewers, brand subscribers, and likes Count, share count, comment count, etc .; it is also important to record the number of people who watched a live broadcast; according to the above different data, compare and record order conversion data.

B. How do foreign traders play the live broadcast of Canton Fair?

1. Analyze the behavior and psychology of overseas buyers to attract overseas buyers

Overseas buyers are rational people, more inclined to reduce costs, flexible delivery, small batch delivery, avoid late delivery, force majeure effects and quality complaints; the focus of overseas buyers is whether the product is easy to sell / easy to ship; supply The quality assurance, technical certification and delivery capabilities of the supplier, and the profitability of the product;

2. Hone online live sales skills to promote transactions

Induce the attention of new and old customers through social media or email in advance; exhibitors can borrow a one-to-many or one-to-one model to induce and stimulate customers' purchasing interest and promote purchases; live introduction of new products needs to reflect the novelty and function of the products Performance, show the financial benefits that products can bring to customers, and provide strong certificate certification for new products; for existing products, it is necessary to show the completeness and stability of the supply chain; leave the customer in units of 15 seconds For a good first impression, keeping customers requires conciseness, clarity of expression, display of unique selling points, and estimation of customer's profitability; products are props for exhibitors, pretend that customers are by their side, and guide customers to interact in the live broadcast room;

C. Intellectual Property Protection in Foreign Trade Sales

1. Relevant regulations on intellectual property rights involved in the offline Canton Fair

Only complaints related to patents, trademarks, and copyrights are accepted. In addition, intellectual property rights are not accepted; they cannot be judged on the spot whether they are infringing or not. They are not accepted, including large-scale mechanical equipment, internal structures of precision instruments, and product manufacturing methods; The form of litigation, telephone or mail is invalid; if the respondent cannot make a "non-infringement" proof on the spot, or the respondent who has not established a defense may be "self-withdrawn" or "temporarily detained"; a judicial decision has determined that the infringement If the products continue to be exhibited at the Canton Fair, they will be permanently disqualified from exhibiting at the Canton Fair.

2. How does the right owner discover the infringement and how to deal with it?

The display mode of the online Canton Fair includes text, pictures, videos, and some products may also have a VR panorama display mode.

The advantages of online Canton Fair in IP infringement forensics are: easy access to verify the identity of the suspected infringing party; online easier to obtain infringement clues; live broadcast mode will make design, trademark and copyright infringement easier to detect and obtain evidence. In addition, the disadvantage of online Canton Fair infringement forensics is that for some categories and products, inventions and utility models have basically lost the possibility of intellectual property rights complaints.

(1) Distinguish between 16 categories of commodities: The major categories of commodities with advantageous designs include electronics and household appliances, lighting, textiles and clothing, shoes, home decorations, office, luggage and leisure products; for some corners Inventions or utility models, including vehicles and accessories, machinery, chemical products, energy, medicine, and medical care, are also large-scale commodities that are rarely used in Canton Fair for intellectual property complaints; may involve large copyrights The categories include gifts, ceramic tile patterns, flower cloths, handicrafts and toy supplies; hardware tools, building materials, consumer goods and food basically have no intellectual property rights available.

(2) Clarify the current status of the company's own intellectual property protection: it is recommended that exhibitors communicate patent certificates, trademark certificates, copyright registration certificates, etc. to the exhibitors in advance, and recommend the use of color copies; train staff participating in live broadcasts to become familiar with the company Product intellectual property rights, design patent rights, etc .;

(3) Five ways to judge the infringement: Design: compare the pictures of the infringing products in the online exhibition hall with the pictures on the design patent certificate; it is best to see the six directions of the product in the online exhibition hall ; The products of the three VR exhibitors are easier to compare infringement; trademark: the logo attached to the product is compared with the logo on the trademark certificate, the requirement is the same product or a similar product; Copyright: will be suspected of infringement The product pictures are compared with the content of the copyright registration certificate; inventions and utility models: it is recommended to trace the infringing party first, and then take the offline purchase of goods for evidence collection.

(4) Requirements for infringement complaints: Exhibitors are advised to refer to the specific rules in the Complaint and Handling Measures for Suspected Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights in the Canton Fair, and can basically follow the steps of proving who you are, proving rights, clarifying the infringing party and infringing behavior;

(5) Infringement forensics: For the online Canton Fair, forensics must be invited by a notary at the notary office. The manufacturer may not obtain the evidence by the court; the method of forensics may be screenshots, screen recording, and record the company name and product model of the exhibitor;

(6) Prosecution of infringement: It is recommended that the exhibitor entrust a law firm to file an infringement lawsuit and request the other party to ban the sale of goods or pay compensation.

3. How can exhibitors avoid infringement?

Note: Don’t try sugar daddy; the most common cases of copyright infringement are image infringements, up to 90%; therefore, it is recommended that exhibitors experiment with pictures on the Internet, try to design their own pictures, and take original pictures that they have taken; Signing intellectual property rights, the risk of infringement should be borne by the advertising supplier; in terms of design, stickers can be used to cover key product design and patent protection content.

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