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Online Canton Fair live tutorial : Where does the traffic come from and how to interact well?

Online Canton Fair live tutorial : Where does the traffic come from and how to interact well?


There is less than one month left before the "Online Canton Fair" on June 15-24, when 25,000 companies and live broadcast rooms will be online at the same time. So many companies and live broadcasts are taking place at the same time. How can manufacturers accurately acquire target customers and successfully attract customers to place orders?

In fact, there are two core marketing: First, how to deliver information to the audience; second, how to make users trust the information delivered by the enterprise. But many companies generally worry about the following issues:

The first question: Where does the traffic come from? Four key words: pull new, active, retain, cash in.

1. Own customers, invite their own customers to browse the website through the official invitation letter of the Canton Fair.

2. Natural search in the station, relying on the natural search of users in the station to obtain customer browsing. But this part of the company needs to do keyword planning. For example, each product has a title and 10 keywords. The title is product + product attributes (color, size, material, etc.) according to the previous form. Second, keyword planning To meet the needs of target customers.

3. On-site advertising promotion, relying on the on-site advertising promotion form to acquire target customers in advance.

4. Overseas promotion outside the station, relying on Google, Facebook and other overseas launches outside the station to obtain overseas buyers in advance.

Through overseas promotion outside the station, enterprises can break through the limitations of the station and take the initiative to obtain traffic; increase brand exposure and attract a wider range of potential buyers; increase page views and attract new potential buyers while actively retaining; promote conversion and monetization. Re-dissemination, better service companies.

The second question: Is the store exciting? Whether the store is wonderful or not determines the user's browsing

It mainly includes two types of information: one is store information; the other is enterprise information. There are 35 types of mandatory items and 35 types of non-mandatory items, including pictures, videos, text, 3D and other forms.

According to the information collected by the Canton Fair, most companies have many problems in displaying information online, such as:

1. Random keywords;

2. Poor picture processing;

3. The copywriting impact is weak;

4. Details are unattractive;

5. The video is too long;

6. The brand impression is weak.

The above problems cause low store click-through rate and high bounce rate. So, how to solve these problems? Companies may be able to adjust from the following aspects:

1. Flat photography, including corporate image shooting, display picture shooting;

2. Picture beautification, such as the production of corporate banner pictures, the production of large pictures of exhibits, and the production of detailed pictures of exhibits;

3. Video production, including corporate publicity video, editing and production, exhibit publicity video shooting, editing and production;

4. Three-dimensional display. At that time, all booths will have a click link to jump to the shop window; in addition, there is a three-dimensional display of the product, which fully displays the details of all aspects of the product.

The third question: Is the interaction attractive?

1. Live broadcast room-interactive communication, in the live broadcast room, the company introduces its products to buyers through interactive display;

2. Exhibition and communication—Inquiries from buyers. On the display and exchange platform, buyers will start to make inquiries after they like the products they want. The exhibitors communicate through IM on the site;

3. Matching for procurement-conference negotiation, buyers with high intent, will reserve meeting rooms with exhibitors for business video conference negotiation.

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