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Which is better for the quartz clock movement to jump seconds or sweep seconds?

Which is better for the quartz clock movement to jump seconds or sweep seconds?

28 Apr 2020

Quartz clock movement jump seconds and sweep seconds are two forms, quartz clock movement jump seconds or sweep seconds which is better? The following is to introduce you to the quartz clock movement jump seconds and sweep seconds of the two forms, in order to facilitate your purchase.

The second-jumping movement means that the second hand of the clock will beat and turn and make a slight "tick-tock" sound.

The second-scanning movement, usually called the mute movement, rotates at a uniform speed and does not make a "tick-tock" sound at the same time.
In terms of structural principle, there is not much difference between the two types of movements, the main difference is that their motors are different in frequency. The frequency of the quartz clock motor for continuous needle transportation is relatively high, about tens to hundreds of hertz, because the speed of the motor is high, the gear train is slightly more complex, while in the form of jumping seconds, the frequency of the motor is only 1 hertz, and the rotor of the motor rotates only 180 degrees per second. Rotation is also step-by-step and intermittent. Nowadays, the most common quartz clock moves like that with one jump per second.
The reason for choosing a second-beating movement is usually that you like to watch him move one by one, and you can feel the frequency of the heartbeat and make your heart calm down. The reason for choosing a continuously running second-sweep movement is usually because you don't like the sound he makes, and the word "mute" feels more upscale.
As for whether it is better to buy a second-hopping movement or a second-sweeping movement, I think it depends not only on which movement consumers like, but also on whether the movement is accurate or not. At present, the sound emitted by some of the better second-hopping movements is basically very small, there is basically no sound without putting the ear to it, and their moulds are made very fine, and the error of walking time will be very small. If you buy some immature second-sweep movements, even if you mute, it is easy to go wrong and break down for no reason, so the loss outweighs the gain. Therefore, it is suggested that if you want to buy a second-sweeping movement, you would rather be a little more expensive, but also choose some big international brands.

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The above is for you to introduce the quartz clock movement jump seconds and sweep seconds which good knowledge, I hope to help you. More wooden quartz clock you can find from https://www.lexinda.com.

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