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What is RGB LED?

What is RGB LED?

21 Aug 2020

The introduction of RGB

The RGB color mode is a color standard in the industry. It obtains various colors by changing the three color channels of red (R), green (G), and blue (B) and superimposing them with each other. And RGB is the color representing the three channels of red, green, and blue. This standard includes almost all the colors that human vision can perceive, and it is one of the most widely used color systems.

In fact, RGB LED and white LED both aimed to achieve the effect of white light, but one is directly presented with white light (phosphor), and the other is made of mixed light of red, green and blue.

The application of RGB is obviously more diverse than white LEDs. For example, when a certain band of light needed for car lights, traffic signs, shop windows, etc., the color mixing of RGB can be match with each other at will. In contrast, white LEDs are at a disadvantage, however they are more effective. For example, if it is used in lighting, the effect of RGB LED lights is not as good as that of white LEDs, because when used in lighting, it mainly depends on the luminous flux, life and pure color of white light. At present, RGB LED lights are mainly used In terms of decorative lights.

The color change principle of RGB LED

The terminal voltage of the PN junction constitutes a certain potential barrier. When a forward bias voltage is applied, the potential barrier drops, and the majority carriers in the P and N regions diffuse to each other. Since the mobility of electrons is much greater than that of holes, a large number of electrons will diffuse to the P region, which constitutes the injection of minority carriers in the P region. These electrons recombine with the holes in the valence band, and the energy obtained during the recombination is released in the form of light energy. This is the principle of PN junction light emission.

Application cases: Multi-Function Rechargeable Bluetooth Lantern Speaker With Colour Changing Lights (EM-BT01)

Multi-Function Rechargeable Bluetooth Lantern Speaker

With Colour Changing Lights (EM-BT01)

This product adopts 12 RGB LEDs to create a colorful lantern shape, and the 12 RGB LEDs can be combined with different brightness at different times to form 10 lamp color combinations. EM-BT01 not only has colorful and gorgeous lights, but also a speaker system with upper and lower double speakers. It can play music through Bluetooth, FM, TF card, U disk, AUX audio cable and other methods. It is a good helper of parties, camping, and bars and so on.

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