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Where should the forehead thermometer be measured?

Where should the forehead thermometer be measured?

03 Apr 2020

As of 4pm today

Voting initiated by lexinda yesterday

The results are as follows:

43% of netizens choose "all of the above"

by the "forehead" selected by 37% of netizens

Which one is the correct answer?

Lexinda has inquired about the information of the temperature gun

Popular science according to lexinda

The correct use of GET forehead thermometer

Let's take a look ~

Why use a forehead thermometer?

The forehead thermometer measures body temperature by absorbing and judging the infrared energy emitted by the human body, so the question "whether the forehead thermometer will bring radiation" raised by some netizens need not worry. So, what are the advantages of forehead thermometers over mercury thermometers that we usually see?

How to use the forehead thermometer correctly?

After knowing so much, the forehead thermometer is still our best choice during the current epidemic prevention and control period. However, in view of the disadvantages of the forehead thermometer being easily affected by the temperature and wind speed, how can we effectively deal with and reduce errors?

I believe that after the science

Everyone knows that the forehead thermometer can measure the forehead, wrist and neck!

I also learned how the forehead thermometer works

If you want to buy a forehead thermometer, you can check the anti-epidemic material area of this website

Or click this link directly to jump


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