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Comparison between quartz clock movement and mechanical movement.

Comparison between quartz clock movement and mechanical movement.

28 Apr 2020

Quartz clock movement and mechanical movement are two ways of movement, both of which are more common forms of watch movement. Here is a comparative introduction of quartz clock movement and mechanical movement, so that you can choose a suitable watch movement.

Quartz movement in the movement is more common, to put it bluntly, it is "simple, anti-manufacturing, accurate and cheap". Here, "simple" mainly means to save the trouble of daily adjustment. There is often a quartz oscillator in the quartz movement, which vibrates at a given frequency when powered on, so the travel time is very accurate, which can not be compared with any mechanical watch. But the quartz watch also has a disadvantage that can not be ignored, that is, the life of the quartz watch is usually only more than ten years, will not run forever. Of course, this is also closely related to the specific situation of maintenance, so, if the use and maintenance methods are correct, the service life can be greatly extended, otherwise it is not.
When it comes to mechanical movements, mechanical movements are the most classic movements in watches and clocks. Mechanical watches are generally wound manually and automatically. Unlike manual winding, the self-winding movement has an automatic movement that rotates with the movement of the arm, thus continuously winding the movement. Another difference from quartz watches is that the wear and tear of mechanical watches is mainly caused by wear and tear of parts and components, which can be run almost all the time if they are well maintained. However, the mechanical movement is also relatively "delicate", especially to pay special attention to the problems of "waterproof, shockproof and antimagnetic".
Different movements have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of movement is closely related to the life of watches and clocks.

The above is the knowledge of the comparison of quartz clock movement and mechanical movement for you. I hope these contents will be helpful for you to choose and purchase watch movement.

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