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What is the future potential of graphene?

What is the future potential of graphene?


As a new technology material in the "21st century", graphene is widely used in many fields for its strong conductivity and applicability. Many manufacturers have begun to intervene in the product application of graphene heating materials. They said that these home heating products that use graphene heating materials are hot selling in major e-commerce companies such as Amazon. What are these products? Why are they so enthusiastically accepted by consumers?

On May 9, 2021, some partners of Lexinda's sales team went to Yipin Electronics Factory to visit their series of graphene home heating products developed using graphene heating materials.

By a combination of the far-infrared physiotherapy effects of graphene materials and mature winter heating wearable devices on the market, their production team used the development of graphene heating materials to design more than ten heating products, including heating pillowcases, heating foot warmers, heating Hand warmers, heated neck protectors, heated wrist protectors, heated knee protectors, heated shoulder protectors, heated elbow protectors, heated ankle protectors, heating collars, heating eye masks, heated mousepads, etc.

They said that these graphene heating series products mainly use carbon fiber heating wire and graphene heating sheets. These heating materials can withstand the temperature range of minus 60-200 degrees Celsius and have the advantages of temperature resistance, water resistance, and great flexibility.

For the material price, carbon fiber heating wire made from graphene is lower than that of the heating sheet, but heats faster, has strong toughness, and is more resistant to pulling, so it is suitable for household appliances featuring a wide range of heating. However, this material is slightly less waterproof than the heating sheet. With the help of the inherent production capacity of home textiles, the use of lining cloth and cotton lining sandwiches has smartly improved the application of carbon fiber to thin and soft products.

Graphene Carbon Fiber Hating Wire

Graphene Heating Sheet

Because of its relatively high cost, the heating sheet is more suitable for household heating products with a small area, such as heating cushions. So is the graphene heating effect work good? Let's take this graphene heating cushion as an example to talk to you in detail.

The heating cushion is a must-have for the cold winter. Especially for long-standing driving office sedentary and lady’s intimate protection. The heated temperature by cushion will be controlled from 30 to 60. It can quickly increase the temperature in 7 seconds. Place the pad on the office seat or any chair or sofa, and enjoy a comfortable and warm seat in the car or office,keeping your butt and stomach away from the cold, and help your health.

In fact, graphene batteries have set off a wave of frenzy in the electronic components industry of mobile phones and become the trend of new energy electric vehicles battery. Later, with the help of the upgrade of the power supply method, in the charging design, the graphene heating series products all adopt a low-voltage heating charging method that meets the human body safety voltage (5V-36v). It is suitable and recommended for charging with a mobile power supply.

After a short morning of study, from the products to the applied materials in the front stage, and then to the production workshop of the factory, we learned that graphene is not only a life science and technology material but may also become the mainstream way of life for heating in the future. As a buyer, if you are also optimistic about graphene heating applications, you can contact us as your supplier, and looking forward to cooperating with you in the future.

Lexinda has specialized in the supply market of the gift industry from its establishments. It has served many countries in the world and many buyers such as supermarkets and self-employed. If youre optimistic about graphene heating application products, feel free to contact us as your supplier, and we will meet your market needs with the fastest and best service efficiency for a win-win business.

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