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Lexinda 2021 First Team-building Activity Successfully Carried Out

Lexinda 2021 First Team-building Activity Successfully Carried Out


To practice Lexinda's core value, "Happy Work, Happy Life", at the beginning of the New Year 2021, we organized a outdoor team-building activity with the theme of "celebrating New Year's Day". On January 4th, all members of Lexindas sales department went to the famous Gushan Scenic Area in Fuzhou to participate in climbing the Gushan Mountain and other outdoor activities. This team-building activity let us walk away from the office, come back to the nature, aiming to strengthen our cohesion and communication, and collaboration. But also hope everyone can get a good start in the new yea through this outdoor activity, motivating the enthusiasm of work, and improve teams combat effectiveness.

The foot of the Gushan Moutain

Overview of Lexinda Outdoor Team-building Activities

The team-building activity consists of three parts, mountain climbing PK, werewolf killing game, and team dinner. The combination of dynamic and static outdoor activities designed to relieve everyone from the daily busy business and relax temporarily. On the way to the mountain, we chatted with each other. The relaxed and happy atmosphere allowed everyone to open up and narrowed the distance between each other. To increase the team's score, everyone scrambled to share the story of team spirit in the mountain climbing process. In the afternoon, we breathe the fresh outdoor air, we had a puzzle game of Werewolf Killing. The eloquent rebuttal of good and bad people stimulated everyone's participation and enthusiasm.

"Must win team" VS "Bull Devil Team", which team wins?

Team building activities are essential to team management for a company. It not only tests the ability of teamwork but also cultivates the sense of responsibility of team members. Two activities in this part designed to summarize the scores of the last two teams, one is a mountain climbing competition, and the other is storytelling. These two parts have cultivated everyone's organization and coordination skills and team members' communication and cooperation skills.

"Must Win" Team

"Bull Devil" Team

Under the game rules for the mountain climbing activity announced by our referee, Kate, the on-site members were divided into 2 groups. Afterward, the group discussed their respective team names and selected the group leader to start the official PK.

Thinking about the name of the team

During the mountain climbing competition, the players of the two teams motivated each other, all of them successfully completed the Gushan summit at an altitude of 1,800 meters within the specified time period. And during the climbing process, the members of the group cooperated with each other, took pictures of each other during the mountain climbing with the smartphone, leaving many happy moments of everyone's laughter, and shared their own climbing experience and learned new knowledge. The most surprising part is the storytelling Pk, which fully mobilized the intense atmosphere of the group discussion and dispatching members to tell stories and score points, and cultivated team communication and interaction skills.

Help team member to climb the moutain together

This part designed to test display members' observation and expression skills, but members' intelligence displayed has exceeded the referee's considerations and beyond expectations. Everyone was scrambling to tell the story with great passion that just happened during the climbing for adding scores for their group.

"Must Win" Team Leader was sharing their team stories

"Bull Devil" Team Leader was sharing their team stories against "Must Win" Team

Our referee, Kate, was baffled  because it was hard to decide which team win

At last, the two teams both shared more than 20 stories, the team spirit behind the two groups touched the referee,  so she finally decided that the two teams won together.

It does not matter who is the first group to climb to the top of the mountain, because the joy of teamwork brings members of sales departments closer together.

The mountain climbing activity in the morning is a dynamic sport, so the organizer decided to let everyone have an good rest and play an quite but exciting wisdom battle in the afternoon.

Werewolf killing Game, The battle of Intelligence

Classic werewolf killing is a social game that Lexinda has valued in dail team activities in recent years, which effectively exercises our logical reasoning ability, but also help to enrich the company’s corporate culture and sales team management. It requires us to listen to the speeches of other players, learn to listen, to analyze, and reason, only by those processes can we basically summarize our views and express persuasively. We played three rounds of brain battle within three hours, the result is men behaved better during the game, but female team became the winner.

Benefit from the inherent characteristics of the logical way of thinking, men show strong expression and logical analysis ability compared with women in this game. However, they showed a little impulsive, speak too actively, which cause distrust from other players. On the contrary, female has a strong natural tendency towards listening and observing, with intuitive advantage they behave more calm, and won others' trust. After several rounds of battle, it is interesting to see that the number of females left more than the men.

If teams want to collaborate better, listening and communication skills are very important for mutual trust. Such skill is important for sales to communicate with our customers. For the members of the sales department, the Werewolf game allows everyone get relax from the intense moutain climbing while helping females who rarely speak to exercise their self-expression ability in publicso this game is very beneficial to develop our strengths and help overcome weaknesses. It also exercise our ability to respond to changes and quick responses.

Team Dinner party, Closer The Distance Between Members

Holding a birthday party for the birthday party of the month is a very important part of Le Xinda's corporate culture. The dinner in the evening was interspersed with the celebration of the birthday of the companys partners that month, which added a lot of fun to the group dinner. It embodies the company's humanistic care and the purpose of "happy work, happy life". The entertainment of the group allows team members to understand each other better and helps cultivate the team's tacit understanding.

Prepared gifts for colleagues born on the same month

Happy Work, Happy Life 

Lexinda’s outdoor team building activity embodied the core value of "Happy Work, Happy Life", it also provides a platform for members of sale department to exercised their bodies. Beside, everyone tempered their will and encouraged their enthusiasm through this activity. At the same time, they enhanced the mutual understanding of the members of the sales department, cultivated the tacit understanding between colleagues, and enriched Lexinda's cultural life.

2020 is not easy, 2021 is bullish

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 has caused many variables in the foreign trade industry and caused many difficulties in the operation of many companies. However, the tacit understanding between Lexinda's team, solid industry experience and rich resources will impact the 2020 epidemic. Under the circumstances, Lexinda is still working hard to provide customers with products and services, which is not easy.

At the beginning of the 2021 Year of the Ox, every members of Lexinda will take the enthusiasm and teamwork spirit inspired by this activity to devote more enthusiasm to work, meet new challenges, overcome difficulties, and continue Improve its business capabilities and the company's service management capabilities, and bring better products and services to the home electronics industry and customers. Finally, Lexinda wishes everyone a new year, full of arrogance, rush to the end, and make unremitting efforts for their goals.

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