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The second factory live show show a whole new Lexinda.

The second factory live show show a whole new Lexinda.


Compared with the first live broadcast we did last week, our second live show of factory featuring the production process of digital wooden led alarm clock is a very superb battle. According to the platform data, our cumulative views reached 1058, that is three times more than the first time. Best of all, the direct result is that we received 35 inquiries and closed 5 new customers. If you're curious about how we did it , here’s comes the details downward the article.

Factory live show via Alibaba

Here's an overview of the factory live broadcast.

Our beautiful host Cythnia with Mr. Zhu, the charger of the workshop has basically led us visite the entire factory during the live broadcast. From the assembly workshop to the packaging workshop, we have demonstrated a very critical QC process to ensure the quality of the wooden intelligent LED alarm clocks. From the woodworking workshop to the wooden shell assembly workshop, you can see the craft features of smooth wood. From engraving workshop to injection workshop, we show how to ensure the stability of LED screen with the application of science and technology. And the final display of the SMT workshop, where we invest the most, and produce the most critical component of a wooden digital alarm clock. In summary, how are digital LED alarm clock made, and how we introduce new technology into the traditional alarm clock? Just continue to read downward.

8000㎡ workshop and over 200 employees

showcase for series of wooden digital led alarm clocks

Who plays the key role of the smart digital wooden LED alarm clock?

Why alarm clock displays the time accurate and precise? All this depends on the digital tubes hidden in the middle of each alarm clock. During the live broadcast, the anchor showed the audience the most critical link in the production of wooden LED alarm clock: SMT chip workshop. In the SMT workshop, there are two production lines in total. In each production line, we have introduced famous Hanhua brand machinery and equipment and machines with magnetic levitation technology, from board loading machine, solder paste printing machine to conveyor.

SMT workshop

There is an old Chinese saying that if a worker wants to be skilled, he must first sharpen his tools. For this core technology, we invested about 600000 yuan to ensure the quality and safety of all our wooden alarm clocks for the market. Then these digital tubes are only made, and then they will come to the display screen monitoring operation area, and the qualified and unqualified chips will be sorted manually.

Our presenter is testing the electronic board

What is the assembly workshop used for?

As you can see below the picture, this production line focuses on movement production, before checking the wooden shell and connecting the movement, the function test of each movement will be done here at first after the production of movement.

Testing the function of each movement

connecting the movement

Then, when it comes to the shell checking, Before the movement is put into the wooden shell, we have to continue to carry out a comprehensive inspection of its function. During the box cover process, they must undergo a curing process of about 45 seconds.

curing process lasting about 45 seconds

Injection molding for LED screen

Finally, we will use special tools to verify the QC of the completed products before packaging. The assembly workshop focuesing on the completed wooden digital alarm clock, which is one of the important parts of the product production process. From the core to the shell, we show the audience very detailed assembly procedures. So that’s the reason why LED lights are able to display the time precisely and accurately.

verify the QC of the completed products again

Because we strictly control the products, we can ensure that our products will not be damaged on the way of ocean transportation, until they are delivered to overseas customers, which has won the praise of many customers.

Packaging USB cable into the box

Packaging the completed products

Various ranges of digital LED alarm clock

Why wooden digital alarm clock can flat out awesome sleek?

Fujian,China is a place where the handicraft industry is very developed, especially for wood products. Why those wooden alarm clock touches so sleek and smooth, without any friction. All this depends on the fact that we advocate the advantage of the craftsmanship by hand made to ensure the maximum extent of these wooden shells. All wooden related products are by hand grinding instead of machine cut or machine ground. We have special carving workshop and wood shell grinding workshop. Through careful manual work, we try our best to make the final piece into pieces and achieve 100% smoothness on the touch.

Hand grinding the wood shell

Hand grinding the wood shell

Why Lexinda choose the theme of the factory live broadcast?

Such a live show this time was a hard-earned effort aiming to show you a different Lexinda. Just like these alarm clocks that tell you the time. No matter what happens, time is always moving forward regularly. He is very quiet but loyalty, though he doesn't know to stop and wait for you, or let you go back to the past. But they will always be faithful to you and will never betray you. Instead, give you the opportunity to try the infinite possibilities of life. So we want to be your loyal friend on the road of life.

As in the live broadcast of this factory, in terms of the introduction of equipment, the use of high-tech, and the attitude of controlling the quality and safety of products, we have achieved the precise control and quality assurance of every product detail. We hope that every product delivered to customers will satisfy you.

Connect with the world, keep up with new era of smart home

As a traditional company, Lexinda have focused on wood and electronics combined electronics for more than ten years, and serve a global sales network that covers more than 40 countries, mainly Europe, North America, and Asia, through various channels of retail distribution, including specialized distributors, retailers, wholesalers, and importers. So we believe that we have the strength to connect with the world.

Creative Dual-Channel Bluetooth Speaker And Digital LED Alarm Clock

In addition to design, develop, manufacture, and sell an extensive range of digital electronic products, in the future, we hopes to quickly keep up with the pace of smart home in the new era, and keep pace with the era of Internet of things.

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