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What inspirations can we draw from the home improvement live stream?

What inspirations can we draw from the home improvement live stream?


The overview

For the first live broadcast received 63 views, and the second live broadcast nearly doubled the first live broadcast with 116 views; And got an inquiry. Happily, the second live broadcast finally obtained one big deal and the number of views doubled the first time, such an obviously advance is a very important breakthrough for us. What changes have our live broadcast team made to improve the performance of the stream and why we had made such decision? Please read downward.

The first time of the home improvement live broadcast

The second time of the home improvement live broadcast

What to see for our home improvement live broadcast?

In late August, we conducted two live broadcasts on the Alibaba platform focusing on home decoration. We have showcased many new products, including the hot-selling household electronic products like triangle style clocks, household thermometers and hygrometers, LCD digital desk wall alarm clock, as well as the flagship time piece like the wireless Bluetooth wooden led clocks that are currently popular among our buyers.

Different from the past live show we made, the first stream of our home improvement live broadcast started from 3 am to 6 am in the early morning on August 11th, which is in reality not in line with our routines biologically. Even so, our beautiful and dynamic young host on behalf of Lexinda brought the vitality of a wonderful live stream for our audiences.

the host showcased the supplement ring Lights

What’s more, our team has captured the electronic products that young people love in the selection of products, and introduced the most trendy products that are currently popular among new generations, such as the Gimbal stabilizer, the supplement ring Lights, the new creative multi-functional lantern speakers and other COVID-19 related product like UV light sanitizer box.

Our host was showcasing the Gimbal stabilizer

However, in the second time of our home improvement live broadcast, we converted the showcasing place of the products to the comfort of indoor house.

LCD digital desk wall alarm clock with temperature

Wooden LED clocks is an extra nice decoration for home

If you are still stuck in the stereotype of the clock, thinking that it is just a product that provides time, then you are wrong! On the basis of its own time display and alarm functions, and adopted many user friendly functions to improve the comfort of our home life, such as temperature and humidity display, voice control.

We have integrated technology elements into the traditional wooden clock, even wireless charging function, Bluetooth speaker, etc. As you see in the picture, this wireless Bluetooth speaker series clocks are not only comparable to traditional handicrafts in craftsmanship, but in terms of functionality, which is no less than trendy household consumer electronics.

Wooden led alarm clock with wireless charging and Bluetooth speaker

We are striving to innovate in design and production, they are not just typically clock, but creative and practical enough to become a nice extra decoration for home. As you see in the picture, they are Ferris Wheel alarm clock, FM radio led alarm clock and the tissue box led wooden alarm clock in the bedroom and so on.

Nordic Ferris Wheel Decoration Rotating Creative Home Clock For Desktop

Modern Real Bamboo/Wood Digital LED Alarm Clock And FM Radio

Multi-Function Tissue Box Design Digital Alarm Clock For Living Room Or Desktop

Compare to the first one, the second one live broadcast brought a more contagious live broadcast, and better suit the theme of home improvement stream, which means that scenes-based theme is a good way to show our household electronic products to our customers. However, for better integrated well with intelligent products in the era of science and technology, hoping to be loved by the new generation, there still a long way to go.

With the millennium becomes a newly emerging market, they are the generation who live with the electronics products since they born, especially the smart phone. In the time of 5G and Internet of Things 4.0, If we want to survive the competitive home consumer electronics industry, it is vital for us to think how to add the technological elements to the design and manufacturing of traditional clocks, then we are able to make our products in line with the current attitude of young people's life.

What can we do to cater for the millennium?

To meet the millennium's consumer demand for home electronics products, we showcased the products in a different way in the second one home improvement live broadcast via Alibaba broadcast.

For the second live broadcast with the theme of home, in order to get closer to the aesthetic and lifestyle of the younger generation, we show the most popular products in young people's lives, namely, single axis and three axis Gimbal stabilizer. As daily shooting artifact, they not only have practical functions, but also conform to the development of the trend era..What’s more, For very experienced fashion bloggers and merchants who do live broadcasts and carry goods on weekdays, you must be familiar with such a lighting tool for live broadcast rooms.

the host was showing how to use the three axis Gimbal stabilizer.

Due to the epidemic situation, in the case of the cancellation of large outdoor activities, on the one hand, in order to entertain life and promote consumption, many stars and beauty bloggers have begun to try to bring goods live. On the other hand, family activities have become a precious time we have lost. So how to make indoor activities enrich our spare time life? Let our beautiful show you the magic with the combination of lantern speaker and the ring light.

You may wonder the two most popular products are much different from each other, how supplement lights play well with the colorful lantern speakers? This time, our smart host showcased a very infectious creative combination of lantern speaker and the ring light to the audience by improvising a dance from the new generation of Chinese actor Cai Xukun's new song "lover".

With the wireless Bluetooth audio function of the colorful lantern speaker, the room filled with the presently music, what’s more, the atmosphere is enhanced by the star-shaped ambient light. The two products just like a pair of lovers, they shown up together, bringing out the fascinating chemical into the atmosphere, which instantly transforms the serious office environment into the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere required by the party environment. It is really amazing visually or audibly if you watch on the spot.

The conclusion

In this live room, our boss showed up in person for the first time to share his start-up stories, telling how Lexindagetting their business going?, the development history of this companyand what kinds of cooperation Lexinda will bring with our customers for mutual benefit?. When it comes to the future development plans, as our boss said in the live room, Like its name, Le Xinda is a company that continuously innovates itself. We embrace creativity and hope to bring more exciting smart home electronic products to our customers. So we looking forward to working with new and old customers to create a win-win future in the era of smart home and IoT 4.0.

Le Xinda started as a traditional wooden clock indeed confronted with many challenges and a sense of crisis. However, LeXinda quickly responded to the change of market, targeting the home furnishing industry and reposition, aiming to make become an excellent company that knows bamboo and wood materials best in the consumer electronics field. Now, we have developed and launched the WOOD LED CLOCK, WOOD BLUETOOTH SPEAKER, WOOD WIRELESS CHARGE, WOOD RADIO CLOCK Since 2015. And we also gradually explore many e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Lotte, aiming to achieve win-win cooperation with our customers.

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