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How can we lower shipping costs through product design innovation?

How can we lower shipping costs through product design innovation?


For this year's epidemic, logistics costs have soared. However, logistics cost accounts for a large part of the product price, and in some countries, the express delivery cost even exceeds the product cost. Many of our customers in Europe, America, and South America have a strong interest in log series wall clocks,  the express pricing so high that  make many small sellers give up purchasing due to the weight of solid wood . Facing this situation, what methods do we provide to solve such logistics cost problem?

It is no doubt that product design largely determines the cost of materials, labor and management. Without the optimization of product design, materials, labor and management have little impact on reducing product cost. Our product development and design team is using the innovative thinking of product design to reduce the cost of products, to optimize the appearance design and materials of wall clock products.

In this product discussion, we have brought four new designs of smart home clock products, which have broken through the design of traditional wall clock, both aesthetic and practical.

Inspired by the natural elements of the sun, moon and other celestial phenomena, they use the hollowing out method and give the wall clock intelligent design of touch light control, which is not only suitable for home decoration, but also integrated into the sense of home technology, which really interprets a different new wall clock.

More importantly, while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the wall clock itself, the weight of the product can be reduced, thus reducing the express cost of the product. This provides a good solution to the problem of logistics cost faced by our regular customers.

These four newly designed products will be put into production after discussion at the meeting. For many small buyers of cross-border e-commerce, if you are also worried about the logistics cost of products, don't miss our new products release soon.

We have been engaging in alarm clocks and stopwatches electronic products more than 12 years, and focused on wood and electronics combined electronics. Lexinda are committed to helping our clients to improve their brand image, enhance brand value, and reduce production cost.

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