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Will the forehead thermometer radiate? Why should we choose a forehead thermometer?

Will the forehead thermometer radiate? Why should we choose a forehead thermometer?

03 Apr 2020

Every day when I go in and out of the community, I will be required to take a temperature measurement, commuting work. The most commonly used is a forehead thermometer. Some netizens may be confused. Will there be radiation with the forehead thermometer for measuring body temperature? Why use a forehead thermometer? How to effectively improve the accuracy of temperature measurement? Don't worry, An An will tell you the answer.

1. Will the forehead thermometer emit radiation?

Before answering this question, An An would like to talk to you about how the front gun works. Generally speaking, when the temperature of the object is higher than absolute zero, namely -273 ℃, infrared rays will be emitted outward. The forehead thermometer is a type of infrared thermometer, which mainly measures the body temperature through the sensor receiving the energy of infrared radiation emitted by the human body.

In simple terms, the forehead thermometer measures body temperature by absorbing energy, so it will not cause harm to the human body.

2. Why use a forehead thermometer?

In life, more thermometers are used by people, such as mercury thermometers and electronic thermometers, so why are most of the temperature guns used to measure body temperature in public places in this outbreak? This has to start with the characteristics of different thermometers.

① Mercury thermometer: accurate measurement and high stability

Mercury thermometer is the most common thermometer, which has the advantages of accurate indication, high stability and low price, but also has the disadvantages of difficult reading and long measurement time. At the same time, once the glass tube is damaged, it will lead to mercury leakage, thus polluting the environment and even endangering human health.

② Electronic thermometer: easy to carry and clear readings

Electronic thermometers have the advantages of clear readings, easy to carry, and short measurement time, but the measured values are easily affected by factors such as the electronic component and battery supply conditions.

③Forehead thermometer: convenient and fast

The forehead thermometer is a thermometer that measures the temperature of the human body by measuring the radiation temperature of the forehead. It does not need to touch the human skin. It has the advantages of easy operation and rapid measurement, and can effectively prevent cross infection.

Therefore, compared to mercury thermometers and electronic thermometers, forehead thermometers are more suitable for public places such as stations, airports, schools, etc., and are the best choice during the current epidemic prevention and control.

3. If using a forehead thermometer to measure body temperature is more accurate?

Because the forehead thermometer is susceptible to factors such as temperature and wind speed, the accuracy of temperature measurement is affected. Then how to effectively deal with and reduce errors during use?

① When measuring the body temperature, point the forehead thermometer to the center of the forehead and keep it vertical. Avoid measuring the position with hair or clothing, and distance 3-5 cm from the skin.

② When the forehead sweats, it will dissipate heat, which will reduce the body temperature of the forehead, so the sweat should be wiped dry before measurement to reduce the measurement deviation.

③ It is best to measure 3 times for each measurement, and the average body temperature value shall prevail.

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