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5G will replace WIFi?

5G will replace WIFi?

10 Aug 2020

With the formal issuance of China's 5G commercial license, China has officially entered the first year of 5G commercial operation. A few days ago, Zhang Xinsheng, chief expert of the Information and Communication Science and Communication expert team of the China Association for Science and Technology and Secretary-General of the Communications Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, deeply interpreted the connotation, application, radiation and other hot issues of 5G.

Zhang Xinsheng said that 5G technology is composed of air port technology, network technology and terminal technology, as well as application technology. 5G is the general name of the new generation mobile information technology network and the new "general technology". He pointed out that 5G is oriented to the mobile Internet and the Internet of things, and has the characteristics of ultra-narrow band, ultra-wideband, massive connection, high reliability and low latency. Driven by new technologies such as cloud computing, big data and AI, 5G has become a brand-new, open and integrated intelligent network.

Do I need to change my phone after 5G application?

After the announcement of the issuance of 5G commercial license, many mobile phone users asked: "will 4G mobile phones be eliminated?" Can it be automatically upgraded to a 5G mobile phone? " Zhang Xinsheng mentioned that the 5G band is completely different from the 4G band, the 5G band is 2.6G, 3.5G, etc., these bands are a new band in terms of 3G and 4G.

Secondly, the bandwidth rate of 5G is also different from that of 4G; in addition, 5G technology changes greatly, it will also bring a lot of new applications, with more and more functions, 4G mobile phones may not be able to support 5G business. "if you want to experience 5G technology and services, you should need to use 5G or future multimode phones, otherwise it will be difficult to enjoy the speed and new applications brought by 5G phones." Zhang Xinsheng said.

Is 5G radiation harmful to human health?

Is 5G radiation harmful to human health? Zhang Xinsheng said that the main reasons that affect the speed of 5G network are frequency, frequency efficiency and base station coverage density. For example, the denser the base station or the higher the frequency, the faster the broadband speed.

Compared with 3G and 4G, 5G needs to build more base stations. With regard to the rumors circulating on the Internet that "5G electromagnetic waves are harmful to human health," Zhang Xinsheng said that from a technical point of view, the transmission power spectral density of 5G macro base stations is 2W MHzgraine 4G macro base stations are 4W par MHzgrad 4G macro base stations emit power spectrum density is basically the same as or even lower than 4G base stations, and 5G mobile phones will be tested by relevant departments before they are put into use to ensure that the radiation value is within the range of health and safety. Therefore, there is no need to worry too much about radiation.

Will 5G replace WIFi?

With the approach of 5G, people's expectation for 5G is becoming more and more urgent. There is a rumor that 5G will replace WIFi in the future. In response to this view, Zhang Xinsheng believes that 5G network and WiFi have their own usage scenarios and objects, and the choice of network use depends on users. With the development of technology, 5G and WIFi will converge and develop.

Application Prospect of 5G in the Future.

As for the future development direction of key applications of 5G technology in China, Zhang Xinsheng analyzed that in the initial stage, 5G will mainly enhance mobile broadband services, and after commercial use on a large scale, it will gradually expand to the field of vertical industry. He mentioned that high-definition video, VR/AR and UAV, as general-purpose eMBB services, may be widely used in various 5G scenarios in the future, which is the basic application of 5G and the earliest mature business.

Medium and low speed mMTC services and some URLLC services are key services at this stage and at the initial stage of 5G. Although 4G can meet some of the needs, 5G can enhance the experience in the future, such as intelligent meter reading, wearable devices, logistics tracking, vehicle information services. For some industry application scenarios that require high network communication capability, it is necessary to test and popularize with the gradual maturity and coverage of 5G network, such as remote surgery, full-road autopilot, cloud robot and so on, which is the development trend of 5G in the future.

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