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Lexinda New product launch conference : MultiFunctional disinfection box

Lexinda New product launch conference : MultiFunctional disinfection box


Recently, Lexinda held the "About MultiFunctional disinfection box (EM-U01)" new product launch conference. At the meeting, General Manager Lei told you about the product's target customers, release channels, and promotion methods.

Engineer Lin also talked about the selling points of product functions, and various departments also actively discussed.

MultiFunctional disinfection box (EM-U01) uses the principle of ultraviolet disinfection to sterilize the product, directly killing various bacteria, viruses, parasites, algae and other pathogens in the inner cavity.

EM-U01 has the following advantages:

  • UVC disinfection, disinfection time of five minutes, disinfection rate as high as 99.9%, disinfection is more thorough.
  • Disinfection progress display, visualize the disinfection progress bar, and master the disinfection process in real time.
  • Large inner cavity design, can put down mobile phones, N95 masks, watches, keys, sunglasses, pacifiers, makeup brushes, socks, etc
  • USB charging interface, external USB charging interface, it can also charge other mobile phones while disinfecting.
  • Incense function, one key to open the Incense function, Incense for disinfection items.

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