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How to surprise colleagues' birthday with a smart clock with Bluetooth Speaker?

How to surprise colleagues' birthday with a smart clock with Bluetooth Speaker?


If you happen to meet a colleague's birthday in such a busy workday, how would you celebrate it, or make a surprise for your colleague? On June 8th, we held a birthday party for our colleague benefit from this small&fashion Wireless charging Bluetooth Speaker clock. How did that happen?

Wireless charging Bluetooth Speaker clock

Sharing music with colleagues by Wireless charging Bluetooth Speaker Clock anytime, anywhere

After the lunch break, we continued to finish the undone work, a piece of pop songs came out around our ears. You may wonder where the music came from, but music always has a happy power and help to drive away from the remaining sleepiness, everyone is immersed in happy music and no one would know what will happen next. At this moment, with the wireless Bluetooth function, we just switched the music to birthday songs freely, this process went on naturally, causally, and with no sign of embarrassment. Benefit from such Smart Clock with Wireless charging Bluetooth Speaker that warmed up the birthday atmosphere, under such a happy and relaxed atmosphere, we enjoy fruit platters and cute cake prepared by our enthusiastic HR colleagues together.

Birthday cake designed with fruits

The exquisite fruit plate is an inspiration created by our colleagues.

What do they look like? Do you surprise by our colleagues' creative fruit display? As long as the heart is filled with love, inspiration would naturally come forth.

Fruit Platter

Just like these two symmetrical fish designed with a combination of orange and grapefruit, it represents our wish for Reina, hoping that she will meet her favorite boyfriend as soon as possible. Reina is a girl who is responsible for the art design work in our team. As we all knowdesign is not an easy task, but whenever we ask her for help, she is always enthusiastic and tries her best to contribute her wisdom.

Fruit Platter:two symmetrical fish

A smart clock with Wireless charging Bluetooth Speaker is the best reminder of our life.

As a company focused on wood and electronics combined electronics over ten years, Lexinda hopes to keep everyone respectful of time by clock series products and won't miss every important and meaningful day that creates happiness for our colleagues, family, and friends.

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