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Epidemic prevention and control, Lexinda are in action!

Epidemic prevention and control, Lexinda are in action!


check body temperature

WHO Director-General Tansai announced that the novel coronavirus pneumonia was officially named COVID-19 at the media on 11 February.

CO- stands for corona,

VI- stands for virus,

D- stands for disease of COVID.

19- because it was first reported in Wuhan on 31 December 2019.

Till today 0 new cases except Hubei province for lasting 2 days. Recently, with the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation, orderly return to work and production in many places.

Our factory has begun return to work on 17 February 2020. There are many orders in queue to arrange production, so our delivery time will be a little longer due to the influence of epidemic. But we believe this situation will get better soon later because many of our material suppliers return to work gradually.

Even though the situation gets better and better, we still protect our staffs by checking body temperature, wearing a mask, to wash hands often. We also disinfect public area, workshop, equipment, materials and finish products every day.

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