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China Import and Export Fair Since 1957 -- How can an Importer Attend the Canton Fair

China Import and Export Fair Since 1957 -- How can an Importer Attend the Canton Fair


China Import and Export Fair Since 1957

-- How can an Importer Attend the Canton Fair

IConditions of Participation in the Exhibition

1.1 Principles for Recruitment Fairs

All overseas enterprises in line with The Terms of Exhibition can join in, and should give priority to professional product counterparts, energy-saving and environmental protection products, high-tech products, industry-leading enterprises, regional enterprises with large trade deficit and special booth.

1.2 Requirements of Exhibitors and Exhibits

1. The exhibitor must be a company that has been legally registered in a country or region outside mainland China for more than 3 years (including 3 years) in accordance with applicable laws, and must provide a copy of the company registration certificate (with company seal) or other valid documents.

2. The exhibits must belong to the scope of Exhibition Catalogue of China Import and Export Fair (Import Exhibition Area).

3. Exhibits must be produced outside mainland China, and exhibitor need to provided and copy The Certificate of Origin.

IIThe Process of Attending the Exhibition

1. Exhibition Consulting

Contact the organizer or fill in "Exhibition consultation" online.

2. Online Registration and Booth Application

(1) Log in The Exhibition Ejietong System (new enterprises need to register an account) and fill in the company information.

(2) Apply for the booth, print the application form and terms of the exhibition online, sign and seal the scanned version together with your business registration.

(3)Registration and certificate of origin of main exhibits (English version is preferred) to be sent to the email address of the organizer.

3. Payment

(1) After the final approval of the organizer, the organizer will issue a payment notice. Please follow the requirements of the payment notice.

(2) Payment shall be made in the account of the participating company within 5 working days. The organizer will confirm the participation upon receipt of the payment.

4. Online Application for Documents

Log on The Exhibition Ejietong System, perfect the company information, product information, booth application information, etc.

5. Preparations for the Fair

(1) Handle invitation letter, prepare cargo transportation and other matters.

(2) If the booth is bare ground, please contact the exhibition arrangement construction company that has passed the special decoration qualification certification of Canton Fair to determine the booth design scheme.

(3) Log in to The Exhibitors' Ejietong System to apply for certificates online (3 exhibitor certificates can be applied for every 9 M2 booths).

6. Obtain Certificates and Arrange Exhibitions

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