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What should I do if the disinfectant accidentally splashes into my eyes? It is important to learn this trick

What should I do if the disinfectant accidentally splashes into my eyes? It is important to learn this trick

14 Apr 2020

During the epidemic, disinfection has almost become a daily task for every household. 84 disinfectants, 75% medical alcohol and other disinfectants have also become standing supplies in the home. However, improper use of disinfectants also poses safety risks for some families.

Recently, Pan Changjiang posted a video online. In the video, Changjiang Chang came to her daughter's house, but she was stopped by her grandson before entering the door, and began to disinfect the whole body. Even her face was not let go, and the disinfectant was accidentally sprayed into her eyes.

So, in daily life, how should we prevent disinfection items from entering our eyes? First, do not spray disinfectant on the face, especially around the eyes, to prevent the disinfectant from entering the eyes and causing injury.

Secondly, do not place the disinfectant in a place where children can easily reach it to prevent accidents caused by misuse.

Finally, before using the disinfectant, be sure to read the instructions carefully. When using it, keep away from fire / heat sources to prevent accidents caused by misuse. After use, remember to wash your hands to prevent disinfectant from remaining on your hands.

However, accidents are inevitable in life. What if the disinfectant gets into your eyes accidentally?

75% medical alcohol mainly achieves the disinfection and sterilization effect by destroying the internal structure of the protein and denaturing the protein, and also has the same effect on the protein of the eye. If you accidentally enter the eye, it will damage the cornea and conjunctiva, especially the corneal epithelium, causing symptoms such as red eyes, tearing, photophobia, and foreign body sensation. At this time, you need to quickly rinse with a lot of flowing water for at least half an hour.

84 Disinfectant has strong corrosiveness and volatility. It will cause chemical burns when entering the eyes. If it is not handled in time, it will affect eyesight. In severe cases, it may even cause blindness.

In general, the damage caused by medical alcohol and diluted 84 disinfectant to the eyes is mostly corneal epithelial damage, which is recoverable without excessive panic. After rinsing with clean water, the concentration of disinfectant decreases and the erosion to the eyes will be relieved. However, if there is still obvious discomfort after rinsing, it is necessary to go to the ophthalmology department of the hospital and clearly inform the doctor that disinfectant has entered the eye for timely treatment.

Source: https://www.kepuchina.cn/health/disease/202004/t20200414_1224581.shtml

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