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Online Canton Fair Live Tutorial : 6 mistakes to avoid before starting broadcast

Online Canton Fair Live Tutorial : 6 mistakes to avoid before starting broadcast

28 May 2020

The following is the internal training information from a foreign trade company, which may allow you to take a few detours:

Time and format of the Canton Fair: The Canton Fair 2020 will be held online from June 15 to June 24

Participating units: 25,000 units

Product Display Platform: Canton Fair Platform + Enterprise Independent Station

. Features of online exhibitions and independent stations:

1. Buyers browse multiple seller showrooms at the same time, and the switching speed is fast;

2. Improve the bargaining advantage of sellers;

3. High requirements on sellers' professionalism and operational strength;

4. Be fully prepared to help sellers show their strength

5. The company's independent station can keep records of customer visits, which is convenient for the company to follow up and communicate, and precipitate the company's strength;

6. Big data and cloud computing bring the maximum efficiency of massive data. Internet data and thinking make it possible to share data, resources and platforms;

7. Set up a digital display hall and participate in remote online exhibitions to achieve full integration of online and offline;

8. This year's Canton Fair is the first online exhibition. The epidemic has accelerated the development of Internet trends in exhibitions. Online exhibitions may be the trend of future development.

.the key advancement rhythm:

1. 30 days before the start of the Canton Fair: analyze old customers, push platform and company independent station information:

2. 10 days online at the Canton Fair: large-scale product exposure;

3. 14 days after the end of the Canton Fair: continue to contact customers on visiting platforms and independent stations, do in-depth communication, strive for orders, and achieve remarketing.

. What do companies need to prepare:

The first item: product aspect:

() Clear target market and accurate product positioning

1. Analysis of target market customers

(1) Fully analyze the customer's focus on products in the target market and display relevant information in a targeted manner;

(2) Study the characteristics and habits of customer communication in the target market;

(3) Analyze the company information, purchasing power of the target market customers, and the target market of their products, and provide targeted communication and guidance: when obtaining communication opportunities, let customers perceive that our supply capabilities can match their purchases ability.

2. Accurate product positioning

(1) Accurate product positioning for customers in the target market;

(2) Set up an efficient product archive: the website or detail page can display limited content or format, set up a product detail library for the target market ’s concerns, product highlights, selling points, functions, etc., fully expand, prepare relevant material information and Make a good identification so that when a guest visits and communicates, he can provide information to the customer as soon as possible, enhance the customer's impression of the company's personnel and product professionalism, and increase the customer's stay in the store.

3. Prepare highly professional product information: take highly professional pictures, record highly professional videos, etc., including:

(1) Set a precise and concise product name, which is convenient for users to browse on the mobile phone. It is best to use a product picture on a white background, which will make the entire page look clean and uniform;

(2) Still image

Main picture;

Detailed diagram: front, reverse, side, partially enlarged detail diagram, function diagram: waterproof (use scenario), parameters, environmental protection requirements, etc .;

(3) Animation

Video: product video, user experience video, etc .:

3D display map;

GF format diagram;

() Set search keywords

1. Through Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and other search engine homepage engine rankings, calculate the most suitable keywords and set up keywords suitable for enterprise products;

2. When the customer searches through: company name, company abbreviation, brand word, product word, industry competitive product word, etc., the company's information link may appear;

3. The keywords of visual materials, pictures and other materials have a high degree of matching with customer search keywords, and the number of clicks will be correspondingly high

Item 2: Platform construction

() Layout of Canton Fair Exhibition Hall

1. Analyze and thoroughly guide the documents on the layout of the Canton Fair exhibition hall and related operating rules: lay out the exhibition hall on the premise of meeting the relevant requirements;

2. According to the target market customers and product positioning, layout attractive and personalized exhibition halls:

(1) Fully demonstrate the professionalism and strength of products

(2) Fully display the core selling points of products

(3) Pictures and introductions of participating companies to participate in the exhibition to increase customer trust

(4) Intuitively display the strength of the enterprise to customers through virtual 3D display, physical shooting, online factory inspection, etc.

3. Give full play to the role of the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall

(1) The Canton Fair exhibition hall can fully capture the customers' eyeballs, form a visual impact, and leave an impression on the customers

(2) To achieve drainage, it is necessary to establish a link with the company's independent station, etc., so that when the customer enters the Canton Fair exhibition hall, he can visit the company's independent station, leaving a browsing footprint, so that the customer can further understand the enterprise and the enterprise can track the customer according to the customer's browsing footprint, Achieve remarketing.

() Website construction of independent stations

The details and quantity of products that can be displayed in the exhibition hall of the Canton Fair will be restricted by the corresponding conditions of the exhibition, so it is very important to build an independent station as a company to attract and attract customers!

1. According to customer needs, establish targeted independent stations, and never ignore customer needs:

(1) Keep the independent station simple and beautiful, highlight the company's advantages to the maximum, and it is best to take into account the pages browsed by mobile phones;

(2) Establish targeted, professional and attractive independent stations for target customers;

(3) Set up specialized independent stations to realize products: categorizable, categorizable, and queryable;

(4) Display the company's strength and product strength through virtual 3D display, physical shooting, online factory inspection, etc .;

(5) Incorporate international elements and attract customers willing to spend time on our independent stations.

2. Give full play to the role of independent stations:

(1) Establish a link with the Canton Fair exhibition hall to further show customers the strength and professionalism of the enterprise;

(2) Capture customer browsing footprint, and then analyze customer company status, corporate credit, demand product type and scale, target market and other information to achieve accurate matching of big data;

(3) Settling data to reflect the company's strength.

() Multi-platform operation

Enterprises with multi-platform operations can provide data for multi-platform operations, enhance product persuasion, and enhance customer buying confidence. Such as: Alibaba, Amazon, AliExpress, Lazada, Shopee and other platforms.

Item 3: Live broadcast

(1) Live room layout

Prepare the live broadcast equipment, the background decoration of the live broadcast room, based on its product characteristics;

(2) Live broadcast time: choose to live broadcast at the time when the customer is online, based on the customer's time;

(3) Live broadcast staff and live content skills

1. Choose an anchor with a good image, best spoken English fluently, the most important thing is to be familiar with the company's products:

2. Display the QR code business card online at any time, continuously display the company's homepage, and guide customers to browse;

3. Live video display: Fully display the product functions with rich animation effects, it is best to live show, abandon the traditional dynamic PPT;

4. Learn to rub international hotspots: In addition to the hard core support such as quality and strength, gimmicks are an indispensable "suction powder" technique for the contemporary network economy: for example, the recently popular Colorpop Mulan series is "rubbing" The hotspot of Diturni's movie "Mulan".

() Live copy preparation

When the live broadcast, the required copywriting is implemented one by one, and repeated scrutiny, the live broadcast staff fully grasp.

() Training of live broadcast personnel

1. Fully master the live content and equipment operation

2. Repeat online simulation and adjust live content in advance

. Six mistakes to be avoided when participating online

1. The purpose of participating before the exhibition is unclear

The purpose of the exhibition should be to promote the company's products and help them go to the market, and to clarify the ultimate purpose of the exhibition is to help other tasks: the theme, the layout of the live broadcast room and product display, etc .;

2. Without understanding the precautions for online participation in advance, the entire online exhibition is unfamiliar and misses the best traffic;

3. Ignore employee training, the participation of employee training is necessary to build a solid professional image;

4. Ignoring the needs of exhibitors, the information provided during the explanation of the exhibition is not really needed by exhibitors. To avoid this problem, pre-exhibition training and preparation work are required.

5. Demonstration of unfamiliar products

Many times the exhibition staff do not understand the product demonstration. Before the exhibition, the anchors should be familiar with and communicate with each other to ensure that they understand the products and exhibits;

6. Ignore follow-up and evaluation of post-show work

A timetable should be established before the show for daily follow-up work, to ensure that all content is implemented in place during the meeting, and to follow up in time after the meeting to achieve remarketing.

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