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Replacement of quartz clock movement

Replacement of quartz clock movement

28 Apr 2020

Quartz clock movement is a common movement variety of high-end watches on the market, many famous watches use quartz clock movement, after the quartz clock movement has been used for a period of time, it needs to be replaced, so that the clock can work better, the following is to introduce the replacement of the quartz clock movement, so that you can replace the quartz clock movement yourself. As a professional quartz alarm clock manufacturer, Lexinda will share some useful tips for you!

1. Before replacing the quartz clock movement, first remove the battery from the quartz clock.

2. Then use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw from the back of the quartz clock. Pay attention to the glass on the front of the quartz clock not to touch hard objects, it is best to put it on a clean table or soft cloth.
3. After unscrewing all the screws, the back cover of the quartz clock can be pried off with a word screwdriver. Be careful not to push too hard so as not to damage the cover or glass.
4. Put the quartz clock face up, remove the glass cover on the front, and then pull out the second hand, minute hand and hour hand in turn. If it is not easy to unplug, you can pull it and rotate it up and down.
5. After removing the watch hand, you can see a nut and use a movable wrench to remove the nut counterclockwise.
6. After removing the nut, the watch movement can be removed from the back of the quartz clock and replaced with a new watch movement.

The above is the knowledge of the replacement of the quartz clock movement for you. I hope these contents will be helpful for you to replace the quartz clock movement.

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